The Electones

Take Two

By The Electones (2008)

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Take Two Cover
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Tray card

Take Two Tray Card

Liner notes

Take Two Liner Notes

(Our second debut recording!)
The Electones

Mike Bolger – Organ, Synthe Bass, Rhodes Piano
Jason Myers – Guitar
Jason Pipkin – Drums

  1. You Zaphnar My Life •
  2. Stinky *
  3. Space Church †
  4. Hotbag *
  5. Funky Intro Tune †
  6. Take Two *
  7. The Champagne Fantasy †
  8. Truck Jazz *

• by Mike Bolger & Mike Uhler ©AARA publishing, BMI
† by Mike Bolger ©AARA publishing BMI
* by Jason Myers ©MyersManiaMusic publishing BMI

Produced by Sheldon Gomberg & The Electones
Engineered & Mixed by Sheldon Gomberg at the Carriage House
Mastered by Carl Johnson
Cover Art & Design by Julianna Parr
Website by First Strike Enterprises

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Inside text

Take Two Inside Text

As our performances of late have been generally void of commentary, we thought we'd do the cover note thing on this one, as it might not such a bad idea to say a thing or two.

"You Zaphnar My Life" is a song co-written by Mike Bolger and his good friend Mike Uhler. If features the Korg Synthe Bass on the intro, and is a stylistic hybrid of samba & funk. Also new to the Electone's sound is the Fender Rhodes piano. This song was actually titled by legendary bassist Tom Fowler (of the Mothers of Invention) during a musical collaboration, and draws on the extensive space/sci-fi cosmogony of Bolger from his CalArts years. "Stinky" is a hard hitting funk tune written by Jason Myers, which features Pipkin quite nicely. "Space Church" is (we think) our best performance on this recording, and probably catches us at our most laid back and relaxed moment of the recording session. Once again titled to reflect his love of sci-fi themes, it also features the Synthe Bass to add that spacey sound. "Hotbag" is one of our more danceable tunes, and couldn't have been properly dubbed without Ursula. "Funky Intro Tune" is (yet another) jammy song that features a great solo by Pipkin up front. It's gone through a few re-creations and re-arrangements since Mike first came up with it. This ought to be the version that endures, as we're out of patience for any more changes to it and we think we've got it about right by now. "Take Two" breaks away from the standard jazz format, and goes to different styles, keys, and a new meter for the solos. Here we also took advantage of Sheldon Gomberg's excellent studio in order to feature the Synthe Bass in a lead role. "The Champagne Fantasy" is a slow plaintive ballad by Mike, and is anchored by Pipkin's funky shuffle beat. Again, there's a different middle section. "Truck Jazz" is (despite the title) pretty much void of any jazz influence at all and is without a doubt our least serious moment. Hopefully some of you will recognize the quote at the end of the bridge. The title of this song has also given us the answer to that ever-pestering question "What kind of music do you play?" So, for your enjoyment, we bring you our very own self-created genre — Truck Jazz.

"The Electones" are named after our primary instrument, the Yamaha Electone organ. To our knowledge, we are the only organ trio we know of that does not use the ubiquitous Hammond B-3. The one used here has been modified to provide a separate output for the bass keys. Also new to this CD is the sound of the Korg Synthe Bass. The main guitar amp used is an 18 watt kit amp from STF Electronics built into a homemade flip-top style cabinet, and the majority of guitar effects used were home built as well by our guitarist. It's quite a motley collection of gear, and most of it works most of the time, too.

The Electones would like to thank: Sheldon Gomberg, Julianna Parr, Andrew Myers, Ken Schumacher, Joey K., Shin Miyata, Masa Tsuzuki, Carl Johnson, Ursula, Kristen Hatch, Phil Tarantino, Rick Ash, STF Electronics, all of our regular venues, and all of our parents and siblings.

The Eastern Sierras

THE ELECTONES have toured the eastern Sierras including stops at Abby's Highway 40, Great Basin Brewing Company, The Tudor Pub, Cooper's Ale Works, The Boom Boom Room and Bar of America, and have performed in California and Nevada venues from Los Angeles, Sparks, Reno and San Francisco to Nevada City, Trukee, Fullerton, Long Beach and Pasadena. This year you could catch them at the Seven Grand and Liquid Kitty in L.A., Red White + Bluezz in Pasadena Blue Cafe in Long Beach or a venue closer to their home base, Silver Lake, LA.

The Electones
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