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By The Electones (2004)

Listen to the samples below, check our blog, then come hear us live (upcoming dates on the Shows page). If you'd like to purchase a copy of Aha! send an email to

Aha! Sampler

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Tray Card

Aha! Tray Card

Liner Notes

Aha! Liner Notes

The Electones

Mike Bolger – Organ, Synthe Bass, Rhodes Piano Jason Myers – Guitar Jason Pipkin – Drums

  1. Groove Displacer † 5:18
  2. Close Call * 4:30
  3. Moons Over Zog † 5:41
  4. Hot Mama † 5:49
  5. Fat Cousin * 5:13
  6. The Devil Lies Near † 5:54
  7. Queso Con Palabras Azules † 4:41
  8. The Art Pepper of McDonalds † 6:38
  9. I Am No Halthidian † 6:27
  10. Get Out of My House!! * 1:44

Mike Bolger — organ
Jason Myers — guitar
Joey K. — drums
† By Mike Bolger ©1995, 1997, 2001 AARA Music, BMI
* By Jason Myers ©2001, 2003 MyersManiaMusic, BMI
Mixed & Engineered by Ravi Knypstra
Cover photo by Peak
Cover design by FirstStrike Enterprises
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The Eastern Sierras

THE ELECTONES have toured the eastern Sierras including stops at Abby's Highway 40, Great Basin Brewing Company, The Tudor Pub, Cooper's Ale Works, The Boom Boom Room and Bar of America, and have performed in California and Nevada venues from Los Angeles, Sparks, Reno and San Francisco to Nevada City, Trukee, Fullerton, Long Beach and Pasadena. This year you could catch them at the Seven Grand and Liquid Kitty in L.A., Red White + Bluezz in Pasadena Blue Cafe in Long Beach or a venue closer to their home base, Silver Lake, LA.

The Electones
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